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2015 Journey

IMG_0006What have I been doing?

It has been months since I posted a blog but, for more than three of those months, I was traveling around the world teaching, dancing, looking, listening, experiencing, talking, and praying.

Travel and People

For most of the travel I was on my own, and for some I was with others from various parts of the world. My husband also joined me for five precious weeks. Everywhere, I met new people, stayed with local friends and saw amazing sights.

Different and Same

As I travelled, led workshops and performed in South America, the UK, the Middle East, Europe and Asia, I was struck again by the amazing diversity of peoples and cultures, but also by the similarities. Some of the similarities included:

  • Humour – whether verbal (perhaps through a translator), or through actions, we shared a lot of hilarious moments
  • A desire to learn and achieve new skills – intellectually, physically and spiritually
  • Enjoyment of working with others of similar interests and beliefs – my focus on small group work and learning from each other seemed to be universally enjoyed
  • Enjoyment of socialising – group photographs, selfies, videos, talking and laughter, making new friends and swapping contact details, becoming ‘friends’ on Facebook
  • Enjoyment and sharing of food – provided by the organisers, shared by individuals at a workshop, bought and eaten in a park, or eaten together at local food halls, pubs, restaurants, or hawker markets.
  • Desire to express self – in dance, music, writing, the spoken word, painting, etc.
  • Compassion for the disadvantaged, marginalised and impoverished – expressed through respectful, self-sacrificing, practical support.

Photos and Growing Up

Finally, the particularly exciting thing about the photo used as a thumbnail here is that it was taken in Suriname, South America, when I was last there in 2003. I had picked up the tiny child, A., so that she wouldn’t get hurt. She is now a beautiful young woman and made herself known to me again, asking for another photo to record the event – what a thrill! Thank you also to all the other people who appear in that photo.


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